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John Wayne: Cowboy, Legend, Convert to Catholicism

john_wayneJohn Wayne was a true man’s man. But did you know he was a convert to the Catholic faith? Apparently protestant Christianity wasn’t manly enough for the Duke. Even better, his grandson is now a Catholic priest. When asked why he converted, he reportedly drawled, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” Or something like that.

John Wayne, for many, was a Hollywood legend who symbolized true masculinity and American values. To Fr. Matthew Muñoz, though, he was simply “granddaddy.”

“When we were little we’d go to his house and we’d simply hang out with granddaddy and we’d play and we’d have fun: a very different image from what most people have of him,”  Fr. Muñoz told CNA on a recent visit to Rome.

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6 thoughts on “John Wayne: Cowboy, Legend, Convert to Catholicism

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  2. Great news. Specially because liking John Wayne’s movies is one of the strongest bonds I have with my teenager son, culturally speaking

  3. If you go to Bandera, Tx, go to the Old Spanish Trail restaurant, which is practically a John Wayne museum. Bandera calls itself the cowboy capital of America. There is a lovely Catholic Church there, St Stanislaus. Does anyone know if Mr Wayne attended Mass there? I believe he made a movie in the area.

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