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Review: Harry’s Razors

Oooo, the Fusion Pro-glide Power. Classy.

Oooo, the Fusion Pro-glide Power. Classy.

I’ve long been appalled by the state of cartridge razors. Not only are they absurdly expensive, they also are strangely designed and marketed. It’s like the entire razor industry decided that razors should be associated with lightning fast speed and futuristic design. Razors are named “Mach 3,” “Fusion,” and “Turbo,” and they look more like the spaceships from a Sci-Fi show than grooming instruments.

Not to mention, would-be shavers are faced with the lose-lose dilemma of choosing between incredibly expensive cartridges that offer a good shave and affordable cartridges that will shred your face. Empty wallet or hacked up face— take your pick.

Anyway, I digress. The point is, most cartridge razors are ugly and a terrible value. It’s time someone brought some class and affordability back to cartridge razors.

That’s why I was so intrigued when I saw Harry’s razors. Harry’s seems to have grasped the above crisis of cartridge razors, and they are dedicated to making cartridge razors attractive and affordable again. I decided to give them a try and share my findings with you.

Initial Impressions

In m1796512_818787880853_1040384118_ny opinion, Harry’s has nailed the aesthetics of a great shaving experience. You won’t find any supercharged jet power products here. Everything from their website to the product packaging is clean and sharp— like a good razor.

Maybe you think it doesn’t matter, but I disagree. How you market a product speaks volumes about your goals for it and the kind of consumer you want to reach.

I ordered the $15 starter package that comes with three blades, a tube of shaving cream, and a razor. Considering you could spend as much on a single cartridge razor without the extra cartridges or shaving soap, this is a good deal.

Harry’s offers a free shipping option, a rarity these days, and that’s what I chose. Everything arrived in about three days. Opening the box reveals the contents neatly laid out in compartments. Everything is handsome and well designed and just feels well made.

As an aside, Harry’s offers auto-refill packages, so you can have new cartridges and cream mailed to you automatically at the frequency you desire. This is a nice option, and the cost isn’t that bad.

The Shave

While aesthetics matter, obviously the shave is the most important aspect of a razor. Harry’s makes a big deal about their German engineered blades, and they promise they perform better than other blades on the market. So do they?

1000299_338145742985868_2106240603_nHonestly, I haven’t used a cartridge razor in a long time, so the only thing I can compare the Harry’s shave to is my Merkur safety razor loaded with Feather blades. The Harry’s shave was comparable, and that’s a pretty big compliment for a cartridge razor.

The advantage of a good cartridge razor is that you don’t have to worry so much about blade angle, and because the Harry’s razor is five-bladed, I had to make fewer passes to get the same shave. The razor fits comfortably in the hand (Harry’s claims the ergonomics are specially designed), and you won’t have to deal with any rubber pads or strange, swoopy curves like you do on the futuristic mainstream razors. It’s worth mentioning that Harry’s offers a few handle options, including a monogrammed chrome handle featuring your initial if you are feeling extra luxurious.

As for the included cream, it was quite nice with a light, fresh scent. It goes on smooth, though in my few shaves with it, it didn’t lather as well as some. I would compare it more to a lotion than an actual shaving soap. That said, it did the job and felt great. Harry’s says it is loaded with essential oils and other natural extracts, so it’s good for your skin. I’d choose it over the gel goop from a can any day. In fact, I’m seriously considering buying it from now on instead of my Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shaving cream, which I love.


Hands down, Harry’s is superior to your average cartridge razor from the drug store. Ordering Harry’s is significantly cheaper in the long term, the blades are better and more affordable than regular cartridges, and the experience is far classier. If you’re going to use cartridge razors, I can’t imagine using anything but Harry’s.

That said, is Harry’s enough to make me switch from my trusty safety razor? Probably not, but I’ll keep using Harry’s for the time being since I have a couple more cartridges left. At this point, I still find the safety razor superior. The craftsmanship behind the razor itself is far better (weighty metal versus plastic is night and day), and the feather blades are still far cheaper than Harry’s blades. And the shave is just as good.

Still, Harry’s razors are some of the nicest I’ve come across, and they make shaving with a cartridge razor sharp and gentlemanly again. I recommend them and give them the Catholic Gentleman’s seal of approval.

PS: Full disclosure, I used the refer a friend link from the Harry’s website. That means I’ll get some free cartridges if you order through it. If you don’t want to order that way, just visit Harry’ I only recommend products I’ve tried.


11 thoughts on “Review: Harry’s Razors

  1. I think your study of shaving needs was sound, to the point and informative. I “enjoy” shaving every day, as it reminds me often that I’m a gentleman, and must strive for the apperence as such.
    If I may, might I suggest the topic of tobacco as a future post on your blog. Bring to mind your opinion in what kinds of tobacco you smoke, the places that might be best to purchase them and what to look for in tabacco, pipes and opportunities in which to enjoy them. Personally I enjoy med/mild dominican cigars with a CT leaf wrap, over a glass of fine whiskey. If you haven’t done so, please consider this. Also, maybe it would be preferable to conduct such a blog in a 2 or 3 part series. If you have done so, please send your findings to my email. Many thanks, and KEEP THE FAITH BROTHA! James Scarnici

  2. Looks like it is trying to market itself as a gentlemanly Dollar Shave Club.

    As for the Dollar Shave Club fans out there, after their advertising video went viral last summer (which I found pretty amusing myself) I checked out their products. I was interested but then found that they didn’t actually manufacture the blades themselves. They purchased them from a company called Dorco. You can buy the same razors from them at a slightly lower cost.

  3. I too have been dissatisfied with my shaving system and the frequent need to replace expensive blades. Fortunately a few months ago I discovered a product that has changed my attitude to shaving. It’s a razor blade sharpener which promised to give up to 150 shaves with just one blade. I was skeptical at first but after using it for a few months I am convinced that it does what it says it will – although this system is not really a blade sharpener but is in essence a blade “cleaner”. I have easily had over 100 shaves with the same blade and I’m sure there are more to go. I bought mine in Canada for about $25 but it is available in the US too. You can find details at One last thing, Gillette Foamy is the best soap I’ve found to get great shaving results.

  4. I cannot understand why cartridge blades are so ridiculously expensive. I recently decided to order them in bulk quantity from Amazon, knowing that would cheaper in the long run. If only this posting had gone up a week earlier. Even so, I think I’ll give Harry’s a try. Thanks for the info.

  5. I just received my kit earlier this week, and your description is perfect. The handle and blade is very nice to hold and use (compared to mainstream). And, as you say the cream is like a lotion but does the job. I’d also recommend Harry’s – if you decide to try, use the link Sam provided as thanks for maintaining this site!

  6. No question about it. The Harry’s handle is far superior to anything I have tried. However the blade doesn’t match up to the handle. I get a much better shave from the Gillette Fusion cartridge blade than from Harry’s blades – although to be sure the handle is not as comfortable. Too bad I can’t match Harry’s handle to the Gillette blade.

    Also, Mr Guzman states: “I haven’t used a cartridge razor in a long time, so the only thing I can compare the Harry’s shave to is my Merkur safety razor loaded with Feather blades.” So not having tried the Gillette fusion blade how can he say “Harry’s is superior to your average cartridge razor from the drug store.” Comparing almost any of the newer blades with a safety razor would make the newer product look good.

  7. I prefer my safety razor to any cartridge any day, however I cannot shave as often with my safety razor due having sensitive skin on my neck so I rotate. Right now I am using the Schick Quattro which does the job, not as close as my Edwin Jagger with Feather blades.

    I just purchased the Truman (Orange) set and will give these a go. Thanks for the review.

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