Mail carrier Clifford Bodine, Michigan, 1955

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  2. @Thank you very much for this website! It is something what I needed to find in recent days! I found another pearl for men who want to understand that catholic faith is for them. I discovered Michael Voris and his Church It lift my spirit and give courage in the spiritual battle (as your website;). Both things are from America 😉

    I wonder if you know Voris?

    Greetings from Ireland (but I’m Polish)!

    • Marek,

      I only wish here in Poland there were more initiatives like the one created by Sam, but there is hope. Too bad there are still men here who continue to excuse themselves from taking an active role in the Church. So we have to pray for God to send the leaders other men who would be willing to partake in the great fight for the Lord. Let Sam and Mark Houck from The King’s Men ( be our inspiration.

      Greetings from Poland 🙂


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